CON Applications and Forms

The following links provide access to forms that can be downloaded and completed using Microsoft Word 97 or a later version. To save a form to your computer, right-click the form link (Control-click on Macintosh) and choose "Save Target As..." and save to your computer.  The specific command may differ based on your browser and operating system).  You can then open the saved form, fill-in the requested information, print and submit the form.  Specific requirements regarding submitting the forms can be found on each form.  These requirements must be followed exactly.

Certificate of Need Project Forms
 Georgia CON Batching Application Letter of Intent Form - 9/23/2011

 Georgia CON Application Form - Revised 7/15/2008

 Additional Information Form - Updated 6/10/2010

 Amendment Request Form - Updated 6/10/2010

 Notice of Opposition Form - Updated 6/10/2010 (Applies to post July 1, 2008 CON Applications)

  CON Performance Extension Request - Revised 5/7/2012

  CON Project Progress Report Forms

Letter of Determination and LNR Request Forms
 CON Request for Determination Form - Revised 4/14/2009
     (Now includes Exhibit 5 for Therapeutic Cardiac Catheterization   Exemption Requests)

 Equipment Letter of Non-Reviewability Form - Revised 7/15/2008