PeachCare for Kids

PeachCare for Kids

Conquering the challenges has led to recognition nationally...PeachCare for Kids® is a comprehensive health care program for uninsured children living in Georgia. The health benefits include primary, preventive, specialist, dental care and vision care. PeachCare for Kids also covers hospitalization, emergency room services, prescription medications and mental health care. Each child in the program has a Georgia Families Care Management Organization (CMO) who is responsible for coordinating the child's care.

  • PeachCare for Kids exceeded its two-year enrollment goal in its first year of operations.
  • Georgia ranked eighth nationally in numbers of enrolled children in 2010. Only California, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas had enrolled more children.
  • The PeachCare for Kids program presented its plan at national conventions highlighting best practices in outreach and enrollment.
  • PeachCare for Kids promotional materials received a Gold Award, the highest honor given by the National Health Information Awards.

Even more important than national attention, PeachCare for Kids has earned the trust and praise of Georgia's families:

  • "When I received the PeachCare for Kids cards in the mail, it was like being handed the moon. Thanks so much." -- Nancy from Clarkesville
  • "I thank God every day for PeachCare for Kids. Now I have peace of mind." -- Rebecca in Pine Mountain

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To order informational brochures about the PeachCare for Kids program, please call 404-656-0368 or e-mail

More information can be found at PeachCare for Kids Frequently Asked Questions

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