Healthcare Accessibility


Increase access to healthcare services for Georgia’s vulnerable and underserved populations through healthcare promotion, community partnerships, and service connectivity.​

  • Meeting Schedule: The Healthcare Accessibility Workgroup meets on the second Tuesday of every month.
  • Meeting Time: 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Agenda Requests: To ensure that our discussions align with the needs of all stakeholders, we request agenda items at the end of each meeting.
Bar graph of Percent of Georgian households without a vehicle by race/ethnicity – CY2020​
Percent of Georgian households without a vehicle by race/ethnicity – CY2020​

Transportation is significant barrier to health access for Georgians. To address these challenges, CPI is working with internal and external stakeholders to improve the oversight and member experiences of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, which provides free transportation to and from Medicaid-covered health appointments. To meet this goal, CPI is currently 

  • Working with internal and external teams to identify member and provider challenges
  • Working with the DCH NEMT team to improve processes and practice so that NEMT better meets the needs of Georgians
  • Improve member awareness of NEMT as a Medicaid benefit


The Lifeline Assistance Program is designed to provide Medicaid members a free smartphone and comprehensive  plan with unlimited talk, text and data (one per household) - that enables long-term connectivity with family & friends, health care, access to governmental resources and more.

Map of current Lifeline Assistance members

There are 562 active members enrolled in the program.


  • Facilitate the enrollment of 630 members into the Lifeline program, ensuring increased accessibility to vital healthcare services.
  • Achieve a target enrollment count of 630 in FY2024; we are at 266, need 364 more in the next 7 months.
  • Increase the rate of enrollments in rural areas by researching what other states are doing in terms of broadband.
  • Establish partnerships with at least two additional agencies or divisions to promote the Lifeline program and increase connectivity with family & friends, health care, and other resources: such as Gateway and DOE.

Visit the enrollment website at