Office of Health Planning

The Office of Health Planning administers the Certificate of Need Program, conducts reviews of Design and Construction projects, and administers the Managed Care Patient’s Rights program.  Health Planning also collects and maintains various health care facility surveys including the Hospital Financial Survey and Annual Hospital Questionnaire and coordinates state health planning activities.

Important New Items for Office of Health Planning

From June 1, 2016 until September 15, 2016, the Department, through the Office of Health Planning, is permitting facilities currently not in compliance with mandated reporting requirements an opportunity to complete outstanding surveys.  Facilities currently not in compliance will receive a Notification of Deficiencies which includes details regarding their outstanding surveys, where surveys may be completed, and contact information for the Department.

To access an outstanding survey, please visit If you are a facility, and you are unsure whether you have outstanding surveys, please contact Steve Cappel, Data Manager, at [email protected].