Welcome to Healthcare Facility Regulation Division (HFRD), a division of the Department of Community Health (DCH). The Department is responsible for health care planning, licensing, certification and oversight of various health care facilities and services in Georgia. 

X-ray scan of scull on table with figurines of skeleton pieces and an open book.

The X-ray rules and regulations mandate the Radiation Control Act, O.C.G.A. Chapter 31-13, as it relates to the registration and regulation of users of radiation machines. Except as otherwise specifically provided, the X-ray regulations apply to all uses of radiation machines in the healing arts, industry, educational and research institutions involved in human radiation exposure. Radiation shall not be applied to individuals except as prescribed by persons licensed to practice in the healing arts or as otherwise provided in the regulations. Only licensed practitioners and authorized operators shall apply radiation to a person. The operation of any radiation machine, in the State of Georgia, is prohibited unless the user is registered with the Georgia Department of Community Health.


Georgia State X-ray radiation regulations can be found here


Answers to most questions about the Georgia State X-ray program can be found at X-ray Application Instructions or by emailing the Georgia X-ray State agency at [email protected].

X-ray Registration

Users of radiation machines are required to be registered with the Department prior to the operation of X-ray equipment in the State of Georgia. Entities seeking to register are required to submit an X-ray registration application, affidavit, picture identification and a shielding design for each room with permanently installed X-ray equipment. Medical facilities seeking to register bone densitometers do not need to submit a shielding plan. Most non-medical/industrial facilities (except for enclosed room installations) do not require a shielding plan. Visit the online registration application X-ray portal.


If there is a concern regarding the safe operation of X-ray equipment in the State of Georgia, contact HFRD at 404-657-5726 or 404-657-5728, toll-free: (800) 878-6442. Complaints may also be submitted online here.

Record Requests

To request records, you may email your request to: [email protected].

X-ray Resources

Additional X-ray information can be found in the X-ray Application Instructions or by emailing the concern to [email protected].

Employment Opportunities

The Department of Community Health (DCH) Healthcare Facility Regulation Division offers rewarding employment opportunities that support the agency’s mission to help ensure oversight of various health care facilities and services in Georgia. See https://dch.georgia.gov/divisionsoffices/dch-employment for current DCH vacancies.