Office of Health Planning Design and Construction

Design and Construction Forms for Health Care Facilities

The following information is for Health Care Facilities (i.e. hospitals, nursing homes and ambulatory surgical treatment centers):

All construction projects involving renovations, alterations or additions and all new construction projects must be submitted to the Office of Health Planning, Plans Review Unit, for review and approval in writing before construction begins.

Plan Review Guidelines  - Updated 09/21/22

Plan Transmittal Form  - Updated 09/21/22

Program Narrative Form  - Updated 09/21/22

Request for 100% Inspection Form  - Updated 09/21/22

Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities

State rules require that construction projects comply with the current edition of the FGI Guidelines that are in force and accepted by the Department when the project is submitted to the Architect for review.

Submit all plans and correspondence to: DCH Office of Health Planning, Plans Review Unit

These projects are subject to review and approval of the State Fire Marshal's Office and any local fire and/or building authorities.