Georgia Caregiver Portal

The Georgia Caregiver Portal was signed into law in May 2018, by former Governor Nathan Deal as part of SB 406. The purpose of the Caregiver Portal is to allow family employers to determine the employment eligibility of a current employee or job applicant who is/will be providing personal care services to that family's elderly family member. If the individual is not found in the Portal’s database, the system will allow that person to then go through a similar background check process, including fingerprinting, as the licensed long-term care facilities utilize.

NOTE: The portal is to be used only for family employers who are seeking to get an employment eligibility status of a current employee or a prospective job applicant to provide personal care services to an elderly family member. The portal’s database is not to be used by third-party entities. To access the portal, click here.

If you are a family employer and you wish to have a current or prospective employee complete a fingerprint-based background check, the employee or applicant may click here and they will be redirected to the Georgia Caregiver Background Check System. Family employers, current employees and prospective job applicants should review the frequently asked questions below to become more familiar with the background check process.

Should you have questions about the fingerprinting process for the Georgia Caregiver Portal, including your username/password, GCHEXS, or determination letters, send your email to [email protected]