SORH Videos

HPSA: Health Professional Shortage Areas

The Georgia State Office of Rural Health (SORH) has recently implemented a plan to expand its communication vision for the office that will shine a spotlight on the diverse work of the Georgia SORH through the creation of short, informative videos that will enlighten both the general public as well as the many partners on the SORH's impact on rural healthcare.

To help tell the story of the four program sections that comprise the Georgia SORH office, quarterly videos spotlighting one of the sections will be posted on SORH's website and social media platforms that can be viewed and shared. The idea for these enlightening, informative and fun videos was initiated as a vehicle to spotlight the vast amount of work and activity that comes out of an office with a small but dedicated staff.

This latest video focuses on Health Professional Shortage Areas, otherwise known as HPSAs, which were created by the authorizing statute for the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) to fulfill the statutory requirement that NHSC personnel be directed to areas of greatest need. This video gives an overview into the important role and ways that HPSAs are used to identify areas, populations groups, and facilities within the United States that are experiencing a shortage of health care professionals. For more information regarding HPSAs, please visit