HFRD Laws & Regulations

The Legal Services unit of the Healthcare Facility Regulation Division (HFRD) exists to support the priorities of the Department by providing guidance and legal expertise to members of the Division, the Department, and other stakeholders. The HFRD Legal Services unit is also responsible for fulfilling open records requests related to facilities licensed by HFRD. Additionally, the Legal Services unit processes several types of hearing requests, including requests from providers and facilities contesting an adverse action from the Department, requests for patients and representatives contesting a discharge from a long-term care facility, and requests from certified nurse aides contesting an entry of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation in the nurse aide registry. The contact information for the HFRD Legal Services unit is included below. 

To request a hearing contesting an adverse action of the Department: [email protected]
To request a long-term care discharge appeal: [email protected]
To request Open Records from HFRD: [email protected]

The HFRD Legal Services Unit process hearing requests for adverse actions resulting from citations and sanctions related to rule violations for the following licensed facility and provider types: