The Grants Administration Unit within the Office of Procurement Services was created in March 2006 to support initiatives throughout the DCH that are funded by state, federal, and other grant sources. The charge of the unit is to ensure fairness in all aspects of the grant process including grant development, application, evaluation and award as well as compliance with mandated and procedural requirements. The unit is also responsible for proper dispensing of grant funds and the governance for services and activities by both grantees and all DCH staff involved in the grant process.

As a grantor, DCH is responsible for the following activities:

A. Identify and provide funding opportunities which are consistent with the Department’s overall goal of ensuring improved health outcomes for its targeted populations.

B. Make grant opportunities available as funding is secured for the purpose of delivering services or goods in accordance with the grantor’s requirements and DCH’s mission.

C. Release properly encumbered funds to selected grantees ensuring that the grant award process conforms to the requirements of the Department as well as any other applicable requirements.

D. Serve as a resource and provide appropriate technical assistance and guidance to grantee staff as deemed appropriate by DCH or the granting agreement.

E. Prepare annual reports aggregating data from grant-funded projects for distribution to all interested parties.

F. Consult with grantees and program staff to provide technical assistance, as needed on grant–related issues.

G. Monitor grantees utilization/expenditure of grant funds, including financial and/or programmatic reviews of invoices, and independent audit reports for entities that receive DCH funding and ensures final program reports are received from grantees in coordination with grant close out.

For additional Information concerning DCH’s Grant, please view the  Download this pdf file. Grants Administration Policies and Procedures manual .