The Department of Community Health works with physicians primarily through the Medicaid program, State Health Benefit Plan, and various boards attached to the department.

Medicaid - (800) 766-4456

  • Pays for services provided by licensed physicians.
  • More than 83 percent of the 1.4 million recipients visited physicians during FY 2004.
  • Payments to physicians totaled $597 million in FY 2004--10 percent of all Medicaid benefits expenditures.
  • Reimbursement: Medicare's Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS) sets the statewide maximum allowable fee.

State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP)

Georgia Composite Medical Board - (404) 656-3913

  • Responsible for the licensing of physicians.

Georgia Board for Physician Workforce - (404) 656-3913

  • Develops medical education programs through financial aid to medical schools and residency training programs.
  • Administers medical scholarships and loans to promote medical practice in rural areas.

PeachCare for Kids® - 1-877-GAPEACH (1-877-427-3224)

  • A comprehensive health care program for uninsured children living in Georgia.

Division of Health Planning

  • Collects health care data
  • Helps to develop policies for health care services
  • Provides staff support for the Health Strategies Council, its subcommittees, and its technical advisory committees.