Home Health

A Home Health Agency (HHA) is an agency or organization which:

  • Is primarily engaged in providing skilled nursing services and other therapeutic services
  • Has policies established by a group of professionals (associated with the agency or organization), including one or more physicians and one or more registered professional nurses, to govern the services which it provides
  • Provides for supervision of the above-mentioned services by a physician or registered professional nurse
  • Maintains clinical records on all patients
  • Is licensed pursuant to State or local law, or has approval as meeting the standards established for licensing by the State or locality
  • Has in effect an overall plan and budget for institutional planning
  • Meets the federal requirements in the interest of the health and safety of individuals who are furnished services by the HHA
  • Meets additional requirements as the Secretary finds necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the program

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) Cost Reports

Each agency must submit to the Department of Community Health an electronic copy of its as-filed Medicare Cost Report and a completed and signed Medicaid Cost Data Form. The cost data forms are outlined in Appendices C (freestanding) and D (hospital based) of Part II Policies and Procedures for Home Health Services.

The Medicare Cost Reports for Home Health (Free standing and Hospital-based) providers are located in the Provider Reimbursement Manual.

The Medicaid Home Health Manual Chapter 1000, Appendix C, and Appendix D are located on the Provider Portal. See electronic version of the Cost Data Forms and General Instructions for Completing Appendices C and D below:

Download this pdf file. General Instructions

Download this xls file. Appendix C - Freestanding providers  - Updated 04/02/24

Download this xls file. Appendix D - Hospital-based providers  - Updated 04/02/24

A Parent Office with more than one Georgia home health agency location must provide a summary of cost information for each home health care branch. The Parent Office must complete the Parent Office Cost Data Form below:

Download this xls file. Parent Office Cost Data Form  - Updated 05/24/22

Submission of Cost Report(s) and Cost Data Form(s)

Please submit your Medicare Cost Report(s) and Medicaid Cost Data Form(s) to the [email protected] inbox to ensure it is received by the Office of Reimbursement. To maintain security of data, the Department will not accept Medicare Cost Report(s) nor Medicaid Cost Data Form(s) saved to flash drives or CDs.

Home Health Agency (HHA) Billing Codes and Reimbursement Rates

Each home health agency is reimbursed a specific rate per visit for covered services. Effective for dates of service July 1, 2003, reimbursement rates were reduced by 10%.

Below is a list of procedure codes and current reimbursement rates for Home Health Providers.

Download this pdf file. Home Health Fee Schedule  - Updated 03/22/24

For more information, click here: Download this pdf file. Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing and Services

For questions about what services can be offered, please visit the Healthcare Facility Regulation Division webpage.

Provider Enrollment

For questions regarding provider enrollment, please visit the GAMMIS website.

Reimbursement Questions


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