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MFP Project Evaluation Reports

2015 MFP Steering Committee Minutes and Other Reports

MFP SC Agenda 042215 - Posted 04/21/15​

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MFP Training - Webinars

MFP Overview: Training for Qualified Vendors and Service Providers (QVSP)
Description:  Vendors and service providers providing services to MFP participants must complete this training presentation. This training presents a brief 15 minute overview of the MFP Project, project goals, outcomes and performance benchmarks, MFP transition services and the transition planning process. Vendors and service providers must review the presentation as soon as possible before initial contact with the MFP participant. The Overview/QVSP presentation must be reviewed within 30 days of initial contact with a MFP participant. This training is required for Peer Community Supporters, PSS direct service workers doing Trial Visit PSS, Life Skills Coaches, Caregivers involved in Caregiver Outreach and Education and Home Care Ombudsman. Follow the link below to review a brief PowerPoint presentation and then complete, sign and return the presentation evaluation form to R.L. Grubbs at [email protected] or fax to 770-357-8857.

Title: MFP Process Orientation CORE Training: Deskaids and Workworks Employment Manual

Description: Deskaids are quick reference guides or ‘memory joggers.’ A set of five deskaids was prepared for use by MFP field personnel to assist with recall of MFP transition processes and resources. New tools have been developed to guide field personnel in Person Centered Career Planning focused on vocational goals of participants.

Training Objectives: After this training, you will be able to - 

  • use deskaids to advise MFP participants regarding waiver options and application processes, inform participants about services and assist participants with housing searches; 
  • identify the your role in Person-Centered Career Planning;
  • identify three community employment options and two employment service providers;
  • identify qualified vendors and make referrals for the MFP Supported Employment Evaluation (SEE) service; and
  • use the “Employment” deskaid to facilitate a discussion about vocational goals and work incentives.

Materials: You will need the Set of 5 DESKAIDs and a copy of the Workworks for Everyone Manual. Contact your manager/supervisor for these materials.


  1. Download the presentation handout PDF
  2. Click the link to play the recording of the training: https://dchmeetings.webex.com/dchmeetings/ldr.php?RCID=e168988d78b7618a1ec8e1547252b0e6
  3. After reviewing the training, complete the Training Evaluation Form and fax to R.L. Grubbs at 770-357-8857.

If you need assistance, you can contact R.L. Grubbs at [email protected] or by phone at 404-657-9323. 


 MFP Fiscal Intermediary Training


  How to Administer the Quality of Life Survey - 6/28/2011 (1 hour 28 minutes)

Trainers/Facilitators: R.L. Grubbs (Specialist); Natalie Towns and Kristi Fuller (GHPC, Statewide Evaluation Consultants)

MFP Process Orientation Workshop – Updated MFP CORE training designed to introduce field personnel to changes in the MFP transition process, new MFP transition services, a review of person-centered planning, waiver application processes, financial reimbursement and reporting processes.

  • Trainers/Facilitators: R.L. Grubbs (Specialist), Pam Johnson (PD), et.al.
  • Training Material: Workshop Training Manual - Posted 02/04/13