DURB Members

Membership and Appointment

Professional organizations and academic institutions are requested by the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) to recommend candidates for membership. Additionally, individuals can nominate themselves or other qualified candidates by submission to DCH. A nomination will be considered when the Department receives written or verbal communication from representatives of the various professional organizations or from individuals. A curriculum vitae or resume is required for each nominee.

The Commissioner of DCH has final authority for all appointments to the DUR Board, including the right to terminate any appointment to the DUR Board at his or her sole discretion.

Terms of Membership

Drug Utilization Review Board members shall be appointed for three (3) year terms. DCH may periodically adjust member terms as needed to stagger member appointments and insure appropriate continuity on the Board.   Board members may serve consecutive terms with re-appointment at the Commissioner's discretion. Terms may also be extended at the discretion of the Commissioner. Should any Board member be unable to fulfill a term on the DUR Board, that member should provide written notice to the Commissioner, who may appoint a new member to fill any vacancy on the DUR Board for the unexpired portion of a term.