Board Committees

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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by reviewing the independent audit process and the independent audit reports.

Chairman: Russ Childers 

Members: Russell Crutchfield, David Crews, Dr. Nelva Lee

DCH Staff:  Tracey Flowers, Lisa Walker

Download this pdf file. September 9, 2021 Presentation - Posted 09/14/21

Download this pdf file. September 9, 2021 Agenda  - Posted 09/09/21

Download this pdf file. October 13, 2011 Summary

Download this pdf file. August 11, 2011 Summary

Care Management Committee

The Care Management Committee provides insight and advice to the board about the care management activities of all DCH health plans, including Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids® and the State Health Benefit Plan.

Chairman: Anthony Williamson

Members: Kenneth Davis, Roger Folsom, Dr. Cynthia Rucker

DCH Staff: Lynnette Rhodes

Care Management Committee Meeting August 12, 2021 - Posted 07/19/21

AGENDA - Download this pdf file. Care Management Committee Final Agenda - Posted 08/12/21

     - PRESENTATION -  Download this pdf file. DCH Quality Strategy Stakeholder Feedback Session 2021 FVDW - Posted 08/12/21