Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN)

A health information exchange (HIE) allows health care professionals and patients to access and securely share a patient’s vital medical information electronically. There are many health care delivery scenarios driving the technology behind the different forms of health information exchange available today.

Georgia’s Statewide HIE

The Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) is the State-Designated Entity for the State of Georgia's HIE. Created as a public-private partnership under the leadership of the Department of Community Health (DCH), Health IT Unit, GaHIN electronically connects Georgia hospitals, physicians, clinicians, payers, wellness partners and other health care stakeholders to exchange patient health information though a secure network.

GaHIN Vision:  To create a healthier Georgia through the use and exchange of electronic health information to improve patient-centered health care, increase efficiencies and improve the health of the state’s entire population.

GaHIN Mission: To facilitate a statewide health information network for Georgia that is trusted and valued by all stakeholders; works to improve health care coordination and reduces costs; and establishes a solid foundation for long-term financial sustainability.

GaHIN Purpose: To close the patient information gap across care settings by electronically connecting disparate systems and data sources to support improved quality of care, better health outcomes and reductions in cost.

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GaHIN Webinar Series 

2019 Webinar Archive

Leveraging GaHIN to Improve Care

Georgia Information Network (GaHIN), the state's nonprofit health information exchange (HIE), delivers eight exciting new webinars to help improve the quality of patient care through the secure exchange of patient health information. Each webinar is unique and features topics that promote interoperability and the roles healthcare providers play in the "continuum of care."

It’s Time to Opt-In – GaHIN’s Lab Reports Service

The more we share, the better the care – that’s the goal behind GaHIN’s new Lab Reports service. Providers can opt-in to have a copy of their patients’ lab data placed into a secure repository that can be accessed by other authorized clinicians. While it only takes a few minutes to sign up, the impact on patient health – and economics – can be substantial. Learn about the new service and how you can participate during this 30-minute webinar.

 How Grady Is Using GaHIN to Improve Care

Grady Memorial Hospital is the largest hospital in the state of Georgia and the public hospital for the city of Atlanta. It is the fifth-largest public hospital in the United States, as well as one of the busiest Level I trauma centers in the country. Find out how this hospital – one of the first to sign-on to participate in GaHIN – benefits from participation and get tips on how you can add their best practices to your operations.

 Balancing Privacy and Access in Digital Health

Health information privacy is strictly protected through HIPAA, but interoperability has shown to improve care quality and reduce costs. How can organizations balance privacy and access, and what steps does GaHIN take to ensure health information security? Learn about this critical balance on a local, state and national level during this 30-minute webinar.

Balancing Privacy and Data Access During a Crisis

Due to the current world events, we are excited to have noted healthcare attorney Michele Madison join our monthly webinar series to provide insights on Balancing Privacy and Data Access During a Crisis. While health information privacy is strictly protected through HIPAA, how far does that protection extend during a pandemic? How do hospitals and practices maintain security with remote workforces, telehealth and public health reporting?  Learn more during this 30-minute live webinar presentation

How COVID-19 Is Changing Healthcare - Three Things Providers Should Know

Don’t have an EHR? Don’t worry! Medicaid providers throughout Georgia have ready access to electronic patient records through the Clinical Viewer available through the GAMMIS portal. This webinar will offer an introduction to the Clinical Viewer and include a demo of features and capabilities. Providers will learn how this tool can help them with accessing the most current available patient information that will facilitate clinical decision making and ultimately may improve the patient encounter experience. Note – we are repeating this popular webinar and extending the length to an hour to get all of your questions answered.

 Digital Health Trends – Insights from HIMSS20 with Dr. Denise Hines

Each year, the HIMSS Annual Meeting brings together approximately 40,000 health data experts from around the globe. Sessions include inspiring keynote speakers, exciting technology advances and innovative best practices. Dr. Denise Hines, Executive Director of GaHIN and Chief Americas Officer of HIMSS, will summarize the highlights of the 2020 HIMSS annual meeting during this webinar.

 Maximizing Use of GeorgiaDirect

GeorgiaDirect, GaHIN’s secure messaging service, offers a wealth of benefits to providers. Did you know that GeorgiaDirect can be used to submit information to certain health registries? During this webinar we’ll look at five ways you can use GeorgiaDirect to save time, improve patient care and streamline information exchange with other care providers.

Achieving Interoperability Across the Care Continuum with HealtHIE Georgia

There are a wide range of care organizations and individuals involved when a patient travels along the care continuum – from the family physician to specialists to the hospital to long-term care to rehab, for example. Learn how care across each stop in the continuum can be improved with shared information, and what you can do to strengthen secure sharing. Our special speakers will be HealtHIE Georgia's Mark Renfro and Knicole Lee.

Customizing the GaHIN Clinical Viewer and Accessing it Through GAMMIS

GaHIN’s Clinical Viewer offers access to a wide array of patient information. During this webinar, we’ll review the clinical information that is available and explain how you can re-arrange the tabs and windows to streamline access to the specific information you need. We’ll also include an introduction for Medicaid providers on how to access the clinical viewer through the GAMMIS portal. With the GaHIN Clinical Viewer, providers can see current patient information to facilitate clinical decision making and ultimately improve outcomes.

Benefits of Connecting to GaHIN

Improves Care

  • Improved clinical decision-making as a result of easy access to critical patient information
  • Fewer errors and delays in treatment

Saves Time

  • Faster access to patient information at the point of care
  • Less time searching, calling and faxing other providers to send or obtain patient information

Reduced Costs

  • Reduced expenses for unnecessary medications, tests and hospitalizations
  • Decreased costs by replacing paper-based communications including faxing and courier services
  • Make only one connection to GaHIN through your electronic health record (EHR) instead of multiple, costly connections to all the providers you share patients with
Networked Services

Through a unique offering of technology solutions, GaHIN gives its members the ability to access a more complete view of their patients' health information directly from their EHR systems.

Regional HIEs

The regional HIEs offer networked services that give providers access to critical patient information that will improve the quality of care across our state, and deliver a more efficient and cost-effective health care system. 

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