Georgia Clinical Quality Measures System (GA CQMS)

The Georgia Clinical Quality Measures System (GA CQMS) was created to improve health outcomes for Medicaid members. The Health Information Technology Unit (Health IT), in partnership with DXC Technology and HealthTech Solutions, is taking a phased-approach in deploying the CQMS to better track the quality outcomes of Medicaid providers for many of the chronic diseases affecting Georgia’s population. The popHealth component of the CQMS solution evaluates and presents provider-supplied measurements against industry-standard measures. Register for our webinar series to learn more. 

2019 Webinar Archive

Get Involved! How to Become a Healthcare Influencer

The GA CQMS team is bringing you its most engaging webinar series ever! Exciting new developments are occurring within Georgia’s healthcare landscape that you can be an integral part of. The team is hosting four new webinars that teach you how to become a clinical influencer and contribute to Georgia’s evolving healthcare industry. Explore geo-mapping, population health trends and the overall benefits of participation in the GA CQMS project. Each webinar features a different topic and guides you on how to proactively improve patient outcomes. This is a webinar series you don’t want to miss!

Geo-Mapping Data Visualization    

Join us on March 31 as we explore Geo-Mapping Data Visualization!  We'll discuss and demonstrate the interactive State of Georgia map that allows you to see geographical data at your fingertips! GA CQMS participants have the ability to view clinical quality data at a State, Region, Public Health District, County or Zip Code level.  We hope you'll join us and see how participating in the GA CQMS project can benefit you! 

GA CQMS: How Do I Measure Up? 

Join us on May 19 as we demonstrate the GA CQMS data Comparison Reports!  Participation in the GA CQMS will assist you in comparing clinical quality data for your Specialty to others and your Regional clinical quality data to other Regions.  How do you measure up?  We hope you'll join us and see how participating in the GA CQMS project can benefit you!