Provider Termination Emails Sent in Error

Dear Medicaid/PeachCare for Kids® Providers:

If you received a recent email from admin@cns-inc with the subject, “Provider Revalidation Term Notice Email,” the email was sent in error and was not sent by Gainwell Technologies. This was a test email by a contracted vendor of the Department of Community Health and not intended for mass distribution.

Please continue to watch for future notifications from Georgia Medicaid concerning provider contract status. You can determine your current revalidation status by logging onto the Georgia Medicaid web portal as the provider (or agent acting on behalf of the provider). As a reminder, Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids providers now have until Oct. 31, 2023, to revalidate program enrollment.

We apologize for any inconvenience the test email may have caused. As always, we thank you for your participation as a Medicaid/PeachCare for Kids provider.

Georgia Department of Community Health