Paid Leave

Annual Leave

Accrual is based on years of continuous service:

  • 10 hours per month for up to 5 years of services (15 days each year)

  • 12 hours per month from 5 - 10 years of service (18 days each year)

  • 14 hours per monh for 10 years of service or longer (21 years each year)

Sick Leave

Sick leave benefits are credited to all employees on the first day of the month following completion of each qualifying pay period.  Accrual is at the rate of 10 hours per month regardless of years of service.  After 120 hours have been accrued, up to 24 sick leae hours per year may be transferred to personal leave.

Personal Leave

Employees who have accumulated more than 120 hours of sick leave as of November 30th of any year are eligile to convert up to 24 hours of sick leave in excess of 12 hours to personal leave.