ePOC Implementation for LTC Federally Certified Facilities

Georgia Healthcare Facility Regulation Division (HFRD) is excited to announce that we will be implementing the ASPEN Web electronic Plan of Correction (ePOC) system as a part of our efforts to increase department efficiencies, streamline survey efforts, and decrease process errors in the submission of Plans of Correction (POC). The ePOC system enables direct receipt of your facility’s statement of deficiencies (SOD) and submission of your  POC through a web-based  electronic system. The ePOC system will enhance communication, monitor timeliness, and provide automated email notification to specified facility recipients as needed throughout the ePOC life cycle.  Below you will find links to the ePOC manual, instructional video and additional ePOC resource. Please note the manual, while long, is very detailed and encompasses all the information you will need to successfully submit your POC through the ePOC system.

The ePOC process is the same for all surveys with one or more deficiencies whether certification, complaint investigation, Health, Life Safety Code, Federal Monitoring Survey, or revisit. The ePOC system supports this POC process for surveys of Federal facilities, i.e., those with a CCN number.  At this time the ePOC system is only available to certified nursing facilities.  

The HFRD “Go Live” date for the ePOC system was April 10, 2023, but please note that we expect a period of transition as all providers sign up and gain comfort with the systems. Deadline for enrollment requirement will be provided at a future date, once initial launch has been completed. The first step in participating in the ePOC system is enrolling the facility through QTSO (QIES Technical Support Office) and activating an account. See links below for CMS Net and QTSO Enrollment.

HFRD requests that you have at a minimum two (2) people with ePOC access, each facility is allowed up to four (4) individual ePOC user accounts to access the SOD and submit POC’s for the facility.

CMS Net and QTSO Enrollment
CMS Net Online Registration Instructions
CMSNet Online Registration

ASPEN ePOC Resources
ePOC facility guide
ePOC training video

Technical Assistance
Login, password and submission problems
Email - [email protected]
CMS Help Desk - (888) 238-2122

Questions related to SOD and POC
[email protected]