Wellness 2017 - Kaiser Permanente (KP) Members and Covered Spouses

The Georgia State Health Benefit Plan (SHPB) is excited to continue to partner with KP to provide SHPB members, who elected KP, with a comprehensive and integrated team approach to wellness. You and your covered spouse will have access to a variety of tools and services and an incentive program designed to empower you to take an active rolde in your own health. You will have access to KP's tools, activities and services such as the Total Health Assessment (THA), tobacco cessation coaching, biometric screening, online and onsite activities and much more. To learn more, visit my.kp.org/shbp/. SHPB members and spouses covered under KP have the opportunity to earn a Visa gift card valued at $500 (up to $1000 per household) when they satisfy the KP Wellness Program requirements. 
Simply sign up for the KP Wellness Program* at my.kp.org/shbp/ and make sure you are up-todate on all four of the activities listed below.

*Acceptance of the Wellness Program Agreement is required for reward eligibility.

  1. Take your Total Health Assessment (THA) - Complete your 2017 Kaiser Permanente THA. The questionnaire is confidential and takes about 20 minutes. Please visit http://www.kp.org/healthylifestyles to take your THA today!
  2. Know Your Numbers -  Receive a Biometric Screening (Body Mass Index (BMI)/ Blood Pressure/Total Cholesterol/Glucose (A1C) at a KP Medical Office or by a KP clinician at a SHBP-sponsored screening event. Please visit http://www.kp.org/wellnessevent to schedule a screening at an onsite biometric event. Only screenings performed by Kaiser Permanente will be eligible for reward.
  3.  Get Yourself Screened - Complete all age and gender appropriate preventative cancer screenings (breast, cervical, or colorectal).
  4. Take an Online Course -  Complete one online Healthy Lifestyle Program (HLP)  Click the link above to view a complete list of exciting topics.
Getting your reward is easy and there is no specific order in which the activities must be completed.
Get started today!
Rewards Customer Service
For questions on your reward status or issues related to the rewards program, please call
866-300-9867 (Monday-Friday 11a.m. to 8 p.m. ET) or email rewardscustomerservice@kp.org
and provide the following information:

Your name
A brief statement of your question or issue
Daytime phone number
Please allow 48 hours for a response.

When contacting Rewards Customer Service, please specify you are calling in reference to:
Georgia State Health Benefit Plan

Wellness Program Appeals
For information on Wellness Program appeals, please visit my.kp.org/shbp/

Member Services Contact Center
For questions about KP benefits or about kp.org including activation, technical issues, registration issues,
and password problems, contact KP Member Services Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET
855-512-5997 (TTY: 711).