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SHBP Healthy Kid

To learn more about SHBP’s medical benefits and health care providers for the treatment of Childhood Obesity, visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia website for SHBP members:  The tools and resources shown below are provided through SHBP’s wellness administrator (Healthways), and our Be Well SHBP program partner.

How you take care of your health impacts how you take care of your children’s health.  As a parent or guardian, you have the opportunity to be a role model for your children. Be Well SHBP gives parents and their children the tools to help them develop healthy lifestyle choices with:

  • Family-Centered Phone Coaching
  • Health In Motion – An interactive online tool for youth
  • The Health In Motion Family Guide

Family-Centered Phone Coaching

Your family acts as a learning environment in which all members share similar patterns of eating and physical activity. To encourage children to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you have to take the responsibility of learning and adopting healthy habits yourself. Be Well SHBP makes this possible through phone coaching. Healthways’ Health Coaches provide support to help you encourage a healthy lifestyle in your children helping them grow into adults who make healthy choices.

  • Learn how you can be the change agent in your household
  • Learn how to have a supportive discussion with your child
  • Receive information about child obesity prevention and control

Visit to learn more; or to enroll in Health Coaching, call Healthways at 888-616-6411.

Health In Motion

Be Well SHBP offers Health In Motion, an online interactive tool designed for children ages 10 through 18 (generally grades 6 – 12), which focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviors that are known to prevent obesity. The online program uses animation, videos, audio and interactive activities to engage youth to learn how to be active and eat healthy—for now and for the rest of their lives. The program is designed to help youth adopt three specific behaviors, critical for obesity prevention:

  • Increasing physical activity
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Reducing screen time

Visit to enroll, download a brochure or just to learn more.

Health In Motion Family Wellness Guide

Health In Motion also provides a family well-being guide to accompany the online program.

This short guide, available as a PDF, offers parents:

  • Information on critical behaviors for promoting energy balance and preventing obesity among children including physical activity, fruit and vegetable consumption, and limited screen time.
  • Guidance on assessing how ready their child is to meet national guidelines for these behaviors.
  • Tips for encouraging healthy lifestyles at home.

Use the guide in connection with the online Health In Motion tool or just by itself.

Visit to download your copy of the guide.