SHBP-ADP Project

State Health Benefit Plan / Automatic Data Processing ADP Project
Enrollment Portal / Call Center Solution

How to Make Your 2014 Election
Using the New SHBP-ADP Web Portal


  • You must first register using the registration code SHBP-GA and set up a password before making your 2014 election. 
  • You will also need a valid email address to access the web portal.

For more information, please refer to the 2014 Active or Retiree Decision Guides shown on the 2014 Initiatives/Open Enrollment/Retiree Option Change Period page.


  SHBP/ADP Forum 1;  Recorded March 1, 2013; Presented to Payroll Locations and SHBP Staff; Presented by SHBP ADP Project Change Management Team; Approximately 39 minutes; NOTE: This presentation includes the below demo. - Updated 03/11/13

  •   ADP Web Portal Demonstration; Overview of planned SHBP Web Portal where members can view, enroll and make changes to their health benefits; Approximately 22 minutes; - Updated 03/11/13

  SHBP/ADP Forum 2: What's Changing? - Recorded April 3, 2013; Presented to Payroll Locations and SHBP Staff; Present by SHBP ADP Project Change MAnagement Team; Approximately 18 Minutes - Posted 05/09/13

  SHBP/ ADP Forum Three Training Video - Posted  07/01/13

 SHBP Agency Files Training - Posted 11/05/13