Private Home Care Provider

A Private Home Care provider provides “private home care services” which means an agency that is licensed to provide through its own employees or agents services at a client's residence that involves direct care to that client and includes nursing services, personal care tasks and companion or sitter tasks:

  1. Nursing services, provided that such services can only be provided by a person licensed as a Registered Professional Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse in accordance with applicable professional licensing statutes and associated rules.

  2. Personal care tasks means assistance with bathing, toileting, grooming, shaving, dental care, dressing, and eating; and may include but is not limited to proper nutrition, home management, housekeeping tasks, ambulation and transfer, and medically related activities, including the taking of vital signs only in conjunction with the above tasks.

  3. Companion or sitter tasks means the following tasks which are provided to elderly, handicapped, or convalescing individuals: transport and escort services; meal preparation and serving; and household tasks essential to cleanliness and safety.

Am I in the right place?
  1. Do you intend to provide services to clients living in their own homes?  If Yes, continue; If No Click here.
  2. Do you intend to have employees?  If Yes, continue; If No Click here.
  3. Do you intend to provide physical, speech, or occupational therapy; medical nutrition therapy; medical social services; or home health aide services?  If YesClick here; If No Continue.


Next Steps
  1. Continue this process by reading the Rules & Regulations;
    Rules and Regulations for Private Home Care Provider, Chapter 290-5-54, et seq. Revised February 13, 2008
    Enforcement of Licensing Requirements, Chapter 290-1-6, et seq. Effective August 16, 1993
  2. Complete the Application Packet - In order to process your application, ALL of the documents included in the application packet must be submitted; and
  3. Sign and return the Application Checklist with the entire Application Packet.