DCH is contracted with certified public accounting firm Myers and Stauffer LC to perform post payment audits for the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability (PI) program (formerly EHR Incentive Program). Providers/hospitals who have been randomly selected for post payment audits will be contacted by Myers and Stauffer LC.

Myers and Stauffer LC has an Atlanta office but also has offices outside of the State of Georgia. If a provider is selected for an audit, they may be contacted by a representative of Myers and Stauffer LC and should respond to and provide documentation, so Myers and Stauffer LC can complete their audit.

If a provider/hospital is selected for a post payment audit, they will have 14 days to respond and provide documentation, so Myers and Stauffer LC can complete the review.

Information collected will be held in strict confidence in compliance with all applicable policies, requirements, regulations, and statutes. Myers and Stauffer LC have safeguards to prevent use or disclosure of information obtained during the course of the engagement. Myers and Stauffer LC will report the results of their work to DCH.

Failure to cooperate with Myers and Stauffer LC may result in recovery of some or all of the PI incentive payment.

If you have any questions regarding the PI Program, please call 1-855-HIT-AUDI (1-855-448-2834) or email HITAuditAppeals@dch.ga.gov.