PeachCare for Kids® Alerts Members to Fraudulent Websites

September 25, 2017
The Georgia Department of Community Health PeachCare for Kids® program is alerting the public about fraudulent web-based payment scams targeting PeachCare for Kids members. The false links, found through a general web search for “PeachCare for Kids payments,” directs users to official looking websites that allows members to make payments.
Please note, there are only two ways to make PeachCare for Kids payments online using a debit card or checking account:
New Payment Portal:
  • - Click on the link “HERE” and it takes you directly to the payment portal
  • – Select the link on the homepage that takes you to the payment portal, or you can sign into your Georgia Gateway account and on the My Applications page select, “If you need to make a PeachCare for Kids Payment.”  You will then be taken to the new payment portal.
Some members may have received an approval letter from PeachCare for Kids with a website listed to make payments.  The website listed in that correspondence,, is no longer functional.  The websites listed above are the only authorized sites to accept payments.
Additional payment options include:
By mail:
PO BOX 44031
(Please include your case number on your check)
By telephone:
If you, or someone you know, has made a payment on any website that appears to be unauthorized, or if you need to report suspected fraud, please contact:
Department of Community Health
Office of Inspector General
2 Peachtree Street, NW  5th Floor
Atlanta, GA  30303
404-463-7590  •  800-533-0686