Olmstead Plan


FY 2005

Georgia's Olmstead plan for FY 2003 and FY 2004 provided investments of over $11 million dollars in state funds for the state's long-term care delivery system. The FY 2005 budget added seven million dollars in state funds. The funding supported:

  • Over 700 people with developmental disabilities who were on waiting lists are now receiving community services, including 65 children who were transferred from state hospitals to community settings.
  • Transitioning 20 individuals with developmental disabilities from hospitals to the community.
  • Placing 25 children with disabilities in state operated group homes.
  • Funding 10 new slots for the Mental Retardation Waiver Program.
  • Increasing the Community Care Services Program by 460 new slots and covering the increased cost of care
  • Funding five additional slots to the Independent Care Waiver Program.
  • Opening of four intensive supervision homes by MHDDAD to serve 40 severely emotionally disturbed adolescents transitioning from state hospitals to the community.
  • Providing additional regulatory staff to license and monitor community living;
  • Funding the Community Care Services Program for older adults desiring to avoid nursing home care, to cover the increased cost of care.

The state of Georgia is committed to advancing the principles that people with disabilities and the aging population are served in the most appropriate, integrated settings.

Download this pdf file. Download the Olmstead Plan