Home Health Agency

It is a public, non-profit or propriety organization, whether owned or operated by one or more persons or legal entities, which is engaged in providing home health services. (Home Health services mean those items or services provided to an individual according to a written plan of treatment signed by a patient’s physician, which can be done on a hourly visit to a patient’s temporary or permanent residence.)

Am I in the right place?
  1. Have you obtained a certificate of need (CON)? If Yes, continue; If No Click here.
  2. Will you be providing part-time or intermittent nursing care as ordered by a physician? If Yes, continue; If No Click here
  3. Will you providing other specialties such as physical, occupational, speech therapies? If Yes, continue; If No Click here
  4. Will you provide medical social services or home health aide services? If Yes, continue; If No Click here
  5. Do you intend to have branches or sub-units as apart of your home health agency? If Yes, continue; If No Click here.
Next Steps
  1. Continue this process by reading the Rules & Regulations;
    Rules and Regulations for Home Health Agencies,
    Enforcement of Licensing Requirements, Chapter 290-1-6, et seq. Effective August 16, 1993

  2. Complete the  Download this pdf file. Application Packet  - In order to process your application, ALL of the documents included in the application packet must be submitted; and

  3. Sign and return the Application Checklist with the entire Application Packet.