EVV Information For Members and Service Providers

The Department of Community Health (DCH) has created material that members and service providers can review, download, and share within the Medicaid community. In order to ensure a smooth transition to EVV, DCH requests that service providers and case managers inform members and their family of the upcoming EVV system implementation during their regularly scheduled outreach to members. Please see the variety of material with summarized sets of talking points and commonly asked questions. This information will also be distributed to each service provider who is required to implement EVV throughout the year and implementation. Check back often for additional material!
General Information:
The EVV Vendor Customer Care Number and additional contact information will be provided once DCH selects the state-wide EVV system supplier. In the meantime, please email evv.medicaid@dch.ga.gov if you have additional questions.
The Department of Community Health (DCH) will be hosting public forums and online informational webinars for individuals who would like to learn more about EVV in Georgia. The public forums and webinars are a great opportunity to:
  • Learn what EVV is and how it will affect you as a Member or a service provider
  • Get information on EVV processes and expectations
  • Learn about the benefits to using the EVV system
  • Learn what a service provider's role is in EVV
  • Hear about a day-in-the-life of an EVV member or a service provider
  • Discuss some of the myths about EVV
  • Get updates on Georgia’s status as the state progresses towards full EVV implementation compliance
  • Get answers to your questions about EVV

Please see the link for a full calendar of the April events and forums