The Office of Vendor Management is charged with ensuring vendor compliance with contract and grant terms. Vendor Management utilizes a team-based approach to vendor performance monitoring whereby each contract and grant is assigned a Business Owner and Vendor Management Professional known as the Performance Monitoring Team (PMT). The PMT’s role is to ensure the vendor has a clear understanding of the agreement terms and the services are performed in the best interest of the state and those we serve.


  • Ensure contract terms, deliverables and responsibilities are aligned with the business needs, performance based, measurable and enforceable.
  • Mitigate the risk of performance concerns. 
  • Promptly address performance issues to prevent adverse impact to the successful achievement of contract purpose.
  • Ensure contract payments are aligned with contract specifications and vendor’s progress.
  • Facilitate the corrective action process which may include the assessment of liquidated damages if required by contract.

For additional information concerning Vendor Management, please view the Vendor Orientation Guide below.