Financial Management

Chief Financial Officer – The CFO provides oversight of the activities of the Division of Financial Management and represents the department’s financial interests when working with the Governor’s Office, the GeorgiaGeneral Assembly, the Board of Community Health, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and other stakeholders. The CFO also serves as the primary financial advisor to the Commissioner.

Financial Services (Accounting) – Financial Services is responsible for making payments to providers, vendors, and employees along with susequent preparation of financial reports to ensure receipt of Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids® (SCHIP), and other federal funding. Financial Services prepares annual financial statements for the agency and ensures the that department complies with generally accepted accounting principles (GAA).

Reimbursement Services – Reimbursement Services performs rate setting functions for the Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids programs. It is composed of units that support Nursing Home and Long Term Care payments; Hospital payments; and other non-institutional provider payments. It supports special financing projects such as the Upper Payment Limit (UPL) and Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) programs.

Budget Office – This Budget Office develops, requests, maintains and monitors DCH’s annual budget. The Budget Officer represents the agency in the budget formulation and development process as the agency’s request is reviewed by the Governor and the General Assembly. It ensures that funding is available for departmental operations before liabilities are incurred by coordinating with the Office of Planning and Fiscal Analyses and Financial Services in budget development and expenditure monitoring, respectively. The Office also provides health benefit payment protections for Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids and the State Health benefit Plan.

New Divisions – On July 1, 2013, the Georgia Board of Dentistry and the georgia Board of Pharmacy became divisions of the Department of Community Health (DCH) (House Bill 132 {Act 83}passed in the FY2013-2014 Georgia General Assembly). By law, these boards were granted a high degree of autonomy with respect to their operating procedures.  The boards’ administrative attachment to the Finance Division of DCH is a reflection of the practical interface with the department regarding payroll, budgeting and accounting and is not an indication that supervision of these two divisions is to be done by the CFO or the Finance Division.  For more information, visit these boards’ websites: Georgia Board of Dentistry at; Georgia Board of Pharmacy at

Georgia Board of Dentistry

Georgia Board of Pharmacy

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