Criminal Records Check

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has awarded Cogent Systems the contract to provide electronic fingerprint submission services for applicants in the State of Georgia.  The new service, Georgia Applicant Processing Services (GAPS), will decrease the need for agencies/businesses to submit hardcopy fingerprint cards. 

GAPS provides fixed office locations throughout the state so that Georgia residents will not have to travel more than 25 miles to a GAPS office.  Search results of the fingerprint background check, as well as rapsheets, should be available for the Department of Community Health (DCH) to retrieve from the GAPS website within 24 to 48 hours after the applicant is fingerprinted and the transaction submitted to the GeorgiaCrimeInformationCenter for processing.

Electronic submission of fingerprint images will involve the use of a Cogent Livescan machine.  The Livescan is, essentially, a sophisticated scanner and personal computer that captures fingerprint images and demographic data and submits this information to GBI.  GBI conducts a search of its criminal history records using the fingerprint images.  In some cases, these images are also forwarded to the FBI where a Federal Criminal History Record search is also conducted.  Notifications of the search results are then forwarded from the GBI/FBI to Cogent Systems were these results are then electronically disseminated to DCH.

NOTE:  Effective October 1, 2009, any PCH, PHCP, or CLA applicant registering with GAPS who uses the DHS (formerly DHR) ORI number will require them to re-register, pay the fees, and be re-fingerprinted.  The DHS is not authorized to receive fingerprint results for applicants for PCH, PHCP, and CLAs.  Applicants are to use DCH’s ORI number which is GA922960Z

For questions please contact Chris Bennett at (404) 656-0464.