Update: Important Information Regarding Medicaid Renewal Notices and Re-Opened Cases

On May 5, 2019, the Department of Community Health (DCH) issued notices to certain Medicaid members with Medicare Savings Plans coverages that their Medicaid benefits would be terminated May 31, 2019, because they had not responded to the previous renewal notices that were mailed to them.

Since that time, DCH has extended those individuals’ renewal end dates, re-opened their cases, reevaluated their eligibility, and sent them notices regarding the specific actions taken on their cases.

Renewal notices for those extended to August 31 were generated and sent in July. Notices for those with renewals extended to September 30 were sent in August. For individuals who do not submit a renewal by their renewal end date, their coverage will be terminated and they will receive a notice of termination.

Any member who has received a notice of termination may submit a renewal, either online or at their local county DFCS office, within the three months after termination and, if determined eligible, have their cases reinstated back to the beginning of the first month of termination.

Medicaid members can request to be re-enrolled and/or update their information in one of three ways:

1.) By logging into their Georgia Gateway account online,

2.) By going into their local county DFCS office, or

3.) By calling the Medicaid customer service line at 1-877-423-4746.

DCH strongly encourages Medicaid members who have not already done so to create a Georgia Gateway account by visiting www.Gateway.ga.gov and using the Client ID number listed at the top of their renewal notices. A Gateway account enables Medicaid members to update their information 24/7, as well to report changes and check the status of their benefits at their convenience.

DCH reminds Medicaid members that it is their responsibility to make sure that DCH has their current address on file. This is the only way to ensure that notices are sent to the correct address.