2017 Open Enrollment


SHBP members can now manage many aspects of their health care personal information on the SHBP 24/7 Enrollment Portal: www.mySHBPga.adp.com. Convenient, accessible and easy-to-use, www.mySHBPga.adp.com is the primary point of enrollment for the Plan’s annual Open Enrollment and Retiree Option Change Period.  In addition, new hires will use the website for enrollment. Current members (including Active and Retired Employees) can easily access the site to make eligibility and enrollment changes because of a Qualifying Event.

Reminders About Using the Enrollment Portal

  • You must first register on the portal using the registration code SHBP-GA and set up a password if you have not done so already.

  • You will also need a valid email address to access the web portal.

The portal is convenient, easy-to-use and can be found at www.mySHBPga.adp.com.