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Retired Employees

Retirees exercising

Below you will find Decision Guides, rates and more for retirees (including annuitants and other former employees continuing coverage).

Members will experience a number of positive enhancements as a result of the new SHBP plan options.  The 2014 plan options (listed below) are designed to provide members with affordable premiums and their choice of plan options that best meets their needs.

Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan Options

  • BCBSGa Medicare Advantage (MA) PPO – Standard
  • BCBSGa Medicare Advantage (MA) PPO – Premium

Claims administration for MA plan options is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBSGa) for medical and pharmacy benefits.

MA plan options (Standard and Premium) are designed to mirror the 2013 SHBP MA plan options.

Members may use any Medicare-eligible provider.

Premiums did not increase from 2013.

MA plan options are the only subsidized options for retirees age 65 and older.


Non-Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan Options

  • Gold HRA
  • Silver HRA
  • Bronze HRA

All non-Medicare plan options are consumer-driven, offering medical, wellness and pharmacy benefits.

Prescription benefits are the same in each HRA plan option (i.e., Gold, Silver, Bronze).

All members receive a starting balance of spending dollars in an HRA account.  Additional HRA dollars can be earned through the satisfactory completion of action-based wellness program incentives.

All HRA plan options are now wellness options.

HMO and HDHP plan options are no longer available through SHBP.

Please note: Non-Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan Options are NOT subsidized options for retirees age 65 and older.

Other Plan Options (not administered by SHBP)

  • The TRICARE Supplement is available to those members enrolled in TRICARE.
  • PeachCare for Kids® continues to be available to the children of eligible SHBP members.

Additional Information

Member rates are established by the Board of Community Health.  For the Board rate resolutions, which describe subsidized rates, unsubsidized rates and subsidy policies, see Plan Documents.

Your Summary Plan Description(SPD) contains several sections specifically designed for individuals who are continuing SHBP coverage after termination of employment with an employer that offered SHBP coverage, or who are enrolled as a surviving spouse or child of an annuitant.  Although commonly referred to as “retirees,” there are important distinctions between those who continued coverage with an immediate annuity, those enrolled as survivors of annuitants, and those who continue coverage through extended coverage rules. 

In addition, there are many active employees enrolled in the SHBP who do not have a right to continue coverage after employment except for temporary COBRA continuation.  Please see Plan Documents for SPDs, rate resolutions, and annuitant subsidy policies.  More generalized information can be found under Health Plans and Programs and in the Retiree Decision Guide included below.

2014 Plan Information for Retirees

  2014 Retiree Decision Guide - Updated 03/10/14