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Healthcare Facility Regulation

Supporting the delivery of safe, accessible, affordable and quality health care services through effective and efficient planning, regulation and oversight

About Healthcare Facility Regulation

Healthcare Facility Regulation (HFR), a division of the Department of Community Health (DCH), is responsible for health care planning, licensing, certification and oversight of various health care facilities and services in Georgia. The division was created in 2009 as a result of the passage of two laws, HB 228 (2009) and SB 433 (2008). These laws transferred functions previously performed by the Office of Regulatory Services to DCH in 2009.  

In 2011, the division also became responsible for providing direction for the Certificate of Need (CON) program in recognition of the value of integrating the administration of health planning with health care regulation. The division is directed by Mary Scruggs.

The division is composed of the following:

  • Office of Health Planning – Administers the Certificate of Need Program, conducts reviews of Design and Construction projects, and administers the Managed Care Patient’s Rights program.  Health Planning also collects and maintains various health care facility surveys including the Hospital Financial Survey and Annual Hospital Questionnaire and coordinates state health planning activities.

Looking ahead, HFR will continue to streamline business processes to improve timeliness of complaint investigations and to provide courteous and effective surveys.

Healthcare Facility Regulation makes your health care facility search easier, smarter and more comprehensive.  With  GaMap2Care,® you can search more than 7,000 licensed health care facilities, including Georgia hospitals, nursing homes, personal care homes, home health services and community living arrangements throughout Georgia.

User-friendly, GaMap2Care combines Google’s geomapping technology with HFR’s expansive health care facility database allows the consumer to take a virtual tour of the location where the licensed facility is operating. This robust tool will help make searching and comparing health care facilities easier and more convenient, allowing consumers to make more informed decisions about health care options.

  • Find a FacilityFor people with browsers older than IE8, use this system to search for Health Care Facilities by name, city, county, ZIP code or category. Use GaMap2Care with  newer browsers including FireFox, Mozilla, Chrome and Safari.

File a ComplaintFile a complaint about a licensed health care facility or service.

Forms and Applications - Obtain forms and applications for licensure and certification of various categories of health care facilities.

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